The Other Rebellion

The Other Rebellion – Written by Steve B. and Edited by Adam B.

Originally posted on October 2, 2013.

The following post is an original literary analysis from my dad, Steve Burdeshaw. I hope it encourages you while perhaps causing you to see things differently. My dad has always spoken of the New Way of Thinking, and God has helped me to take this concept one step further toward something called the New Way of Being. I believe what follows is one piece of this ideal, one small step toward a biblical legacy: to turn children’s hearts to their parents and to turn parents’ hearts to their children.

 * * *

One morning my wife and I were discussing movies, the main films being Rebel Without a Cause and Dead Poets Society. She expressed how it irritated her that people associated these movies with rebellion since rebellion is neither what these movies are about nor what they promote.

Without really rehearsing what I was about to say, these words came out of my mouth: “These movies are definitely about rebellion, but they are not about a son rebelling against a father or society. Rather, these movies are about a father rebelling against a son’s purpose. In Dead Poets Society, the father rebels, refuses to repent, and loses his son forever. In Rebel Without a Cause, the father not only repents but sees his son for who he is; from this, we might hope they can begin a real relationship.”

Sons are a gift from Yahweh, God, and as parents, we should concern ourselves with God’s purpose for our children rather than our purpose for them. Old men will dream dreams, and young men will prophesy. Without these two things coming together, nothing significant will ever occur. It is young men and young women who see and change the future. As for me, I would like to be a facilitator of this purpose and go along for the ride.

 * * *

This is me again. I don’t have much to add except… well… I bet you never thought a father could rebel against his child, did you? But I am happy to tell you there is a cure. All you have to do is relinquish the control you never had to begin with into the hands of One who has always had control and always will. And yet you can still be active in that selfless trust, to the point where you look down at your own hands and see the hands of your Heavenly Father at work in you and through you. I pray that with every new day, you embrace the hope of new beginnings, new ideas, and a new way of being. Thanks for reading.

– Adam B.

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  1. Well said Steve (and Adam)… a pure truth often ignored, and often with sad consequence… if only more fathers would surrender their hopes in favor of His hopes for their sons (and their daughters)…

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